I'm still confused

I have a China Blue 50 watt (40) machine. I’ve had it a little over a month. My bed is 300x500mm. With my lid open it is ~>700mm to the bed. The 700 is with the bed near the highest setting. I have read the previous posts but still don’t understand which degree lens to get. I tried to use the calculator and was unable to make it work.I don’t have any business for which I use the laser. I just tinker around with it. I’m retired.
Thanks for your help.

The math is bed width / camera factor = minimum mount height:

500mm / 0.825 = 606mm minimum height for the 60 degree
500mm / 1.4 = 357mm minumum height for the 90 degree

… and so on. The 60 degree is closest for your machine.

I’m glad I read this one of the many i had because these are the same numbers I was looking out. With all the other posts and the 140, 120 cam posts, I was thinking I was way off somehow.

Thanks for the info and patience answering these same questions. I will be ordering the 60 degree one as well.

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