IMAG-R created SVG file will not open in Lightburn

IMAG-R website has a CREATE PUZZLE feature that you enter options, puzzle size and download an SVG file. when I download the file from that site and try to import/open in Lightburn nothing happens. Lightburn console says “File imported in ### milliseconds” but the screen remains blank and there are no layers. I can open and view the SVG within Inkscape, even if I saveas SVG in inkscape I still can’t load in lightburn.
Is there a setting i’m missing to enable SVG in Lightburn?
** also found and tried to load an puzzle SVG from another site with same result.

I dont know if this will help you but I imported the ImagR svg to corel then into lightburs and it worked, Like you I got a blank page trying to load it off of the desktop directly I have v19

Did you change/update or save it as a specific SVG after going ‘through’ Corel? I have Inkscape and there are multiple versions of SVG when doing a save as…

It appears to be because they use named colors in the SVG generator, and they capitalized the name of the color (Red) so it’s not found in my color table lookup (the names are all non-capitalized). I’ve changed the code to handle this and it will be in the next release.



Thanks Oz! I opened the files in Notepad and it does show DarkRed and DarkBlue so I edited them to “red” and “blue” and it worked!!!.

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