Image and line trace engraving will not align. Help

I am at wits end here so I thought I would ask for help. Does anyone have any idea why when I engrave a image of an eagle, then engrave the trace of the eagle, they will not align together about midway to the end of the engraving. Please see pics attached.

The Eagle total is the whole pic of the engraving, hopefully when you enlarge the pic you can see how bad it is off on the left side.

What is interesting is that I have engraved the trace (line) 2 times and it matches up perfectly. It just doesn’t line up with the image engraving that the trace is derived from.

The really odd thing is that both the image and trace line up perfectly in lightburn. What am I doing wrong?

I am using a Ortur Laser Master 2 Pro S1 which I got last Sept. 2021. Firmware is ver 1.75.

What is the correct way to ensure the my laser is aligned with the x & y axis?
If anyone has any ideas please let me know… TY

Update: When I take the image and pre-view it, then go to about 3/4’s of the way complete and have it start to engrave, it will align properly. This is frustrating… I have included the lightburn file itself.

TY again…
American Eagle Plaque 2.lbrn (1.1 MB)

The file looks fine.

I like your workpiece anchors and setup.
It looks like position is preserved and the belts aren’t slipping.

Is the engraver fastened to the work-surface? I’ve seen some open-frame machines walk a little bit from start to end on a job.

If the Ortur and the workpiece are both secured I would then reduce the speed of the engraving in the image layer. If the alignment problem responds to the speed reduction I’d continue adjusting down until I couldn’t see it.

Thanks for responding John,

Yes, everything is anchored down and I have the corners raised by 10mm with blocks I made from a Thingyverse set. I even replaced all the belts and glide wheels.

I reset everything from Ortur firmware and reset the same from Lightburn. Haven’t tried it again on this particle file yet, I wanted to test a few other files before gave it another shot.

I also learned how important cleaning the lens and having air assist is when cutting lines…

Here is the pics of my base…


Can you try running a very simple test - just a thin, long rectangle, about 4mm wide, but the same overall height as the eagle? Set it to fill + line mode with the same speeds for the fill and line that you’re using.

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Thank you for responding Sir.

I think I fixed the problem by resetting everything in Lightburn and with LM2P. I re-ran the file and everything lined up perfectly.

I did run the 4mm line that you requested and it all lined up fine.

My guess is that it was probably something I set up incorrectly. I want to thank you for your prompt response and I would like to also say that I think you have a Great Program!!!

Again thank you for your time and please close this ticket out…


Happy to hear it’s all working for you, and you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

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