Image and preview dont match

I am using the image in the screen shot for a tumbler for my uncle. When I run the preview, it is showing that a bunch of the detail will not show. I have not had this problem before. The image in lightburn is after using the trace feature. So I guess my question is should I sweat the difference?

Normally I would just test burn the image if I have a concern but I currently have my laser set up for rotary work. I have a bunch of tumblers to do tomorrow so I dont want to reset my table to only readjust it right afterwards.


This is a personal preference, so hard to answer. If you post the image, I can try to dial the detail in for you, then provide what I did as a workflow.

Zoom in - chances are good it’s just drawing the shape at a smaller size than it is in the main window, and some of the details are getting lost because of that.

Here is the file in .png

Zoomed out a bit:

Zoomed in:

how do you zoom in the preview? Sorry I just started using LB about a month ago and still learning.

Middle mouse wheel zooms, and holding the middle mouse button will pan, just like in the edit window. Double-click in the preview to reset it all.

Thanks Oz. I dont have a mouse on my laptop lol. Guess Ill be getting one. Thank you both for helping!

If anyone else doesn’t use a mouse, if they put 2 fingers on the mousepad and spread them apart like zooming on a cell phone, it will zoom in as well. Just figured that out.

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