Image disappears when using cut space

I have a project in which Im doing a sign that contains text and graphics that I am engraving onto a 30 x 30 board. I did a trace image of the graphics and then when I went to use cut space the graphics disappeared. Below is image before I used the cut shape tool, followed by the image after
Hylan Atwood Wylie 1.lbrn2 (257.0 KB)
Hylan Atwood Wylie with disappearing graphics.lbrn2 (132.2 KB)

From the documentation: Redirecting...

Key points to remember:

  • The last shape you select is used as the cutting tool
  • The shape used as the cutter must be a single closed shape
  • The cutting tool shape is discarded - if you need it again, make a duplicate of it (Ctrl+D)
  • Shapes that are cut will be closed if they are set to ‘Fill’, or left open if they are set to ‘Line’

Thanks for your help. I have gotten the problem fixed. Apparently it was because I had selected user position.

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