Image distorted (but not on all his height)


I build a 3D printed engraver (ZDV V2), and I’m using GRBL v1.1h.

My first attempt to engrave a picture on wood give this :

The logo is well printed but there is this small deformation in the middle (and the QR code if full of this default)

I just imported a JPG. Did I miss something ?


To me, it looks like your speed and or acceleration on the X-axis is not right or the X-axis belt is loose. It doesn’t look like you have the same problem on the Y axis.
Is the frame a line ?, and is the text and qr code fill? What are the parameters?

The top and bottom of Wifi logo is not concerned by the default. So I exclude any mechanical problem (belt is well tensioned , no abnormal mechanical play)

Lightburn is newly installed, I imported the 2 jpg pictures and just set speed and power of Laser before engraving.

Maybe speed & acceleration… I’ll change these parameters !

yes, give it a try

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