Image Engraving on Leather with 15W machine

Hi all
I want to engrave images on genuine leather. But I do not know how many times I tried but I could not get what exactly I want.,
My machine is Ortur laser master 2 ,15W

The image I want to engrave is

image preview like this


and engraving settings like this

$$ result is




































At the end of engraving , The result is like below (upper side of photo)

Image is 147 dpi and result size is about 4x4 cm

I want to engrave more details on the leather.

What is the thing I am doing wrong?


LEATHER IS HARD TO DO! Every piece is a little different from the same side, double shoulder, bend or whatever your using, not to mention if the pieces come from different hides! I would try to lighten the image a little. Maybe up the DPI a little. I haven’t used a diode laser, I originally had a 40 watt CO-2 but had to get a 80 watt because the 40 didn’t cut my leather.

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