Image engraving runs on angle

When image engraving the image runs on a angle, when I invert the angle runs the other way. when set to fill or fill and line it runs straight. Is this a scan setting issue? This is a link to photo.

That looks like your machine is losing steps, or has an incorrect motor polarity setting. Did you configure the laser yourself, or was it purchased? Does RDWorks behave the same way? (it should, but it’s worth asking)

Oz. Set up the machine in Rd works and I didn’t try it on rd yet but I will tomorrow. I was thinking if it was losing steps it wouldn’t change angle when inverted, but I’m just guessing. Cuts pretty square though at least on smaller objects and offsets. Will post tomorrow. Thanks

And Oz… forgot to say the machine came with Shenzhen software installed. Will check belts tomorrow also. Thanks again

Check this too:

Thanks Oz… Will look into this also. I tried to send a pic but keep getting a delivery failed error. Thanks for the fast response, you guys rock

Google Photos

On the left image mode.

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