Image engraving with unwanted white strip

Hi !

I’m having a weird issue with a big image engraving.

It’s my first time trying an engraving this big (500mm x 300mm)

My friend wanted to engrave a “palet board” (a french brittany game).
He gave me a picture and he wanted to be engrave on the board. The image is a cartoonized surf family.

When I run it on my CO2 laser I have a strange strip that is not engrave.

Any idea?

Thank you !

hi Kerviel

It might be my eyes but seems that what you are experiencing is a grain issue.

The wood itself is not a linear material. Some parts of the wood are denser than others. And in the case of yours they are also different tones.
This will result on a non linear engrave.

Not much you can do on this, as there will always be a slight variation.

Try to engrave on MDF if available just to validate there is nothing mechanical/Hardware related but i dont think there will be.

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Thank you for your anwser !

I’m not worried about the vertical lines that are, as you noticed due to the wood grain.

I’m concerned about the white stripe located on the face of the persons.

I don’t know if i’m clear enough (sorry i’m a frenchy :slight_smile: )

AH… Somehow, my eyes didn’t catch that.

That’s odd. if you had a Diode, I would say you have a motion induced bad contact on wiring, but that one doesn’t seem correct.

It does not show in the preview window I assume.

If you Mark that position on the bed and run a full black box of same size - it happens the same or just that image?

In other words, is it a “location” of the bed that cuts power no matter what project is, and if you change the location the issue disappears, OR is it just that project

I have try a smaller version of the whole engraving and it didnt have those stripes.

I’ll try your idea after the project is over. maybe I’ll have another “spot” to test.
It’s the second time I run this job, I tried two different way because I suspected the Ruida buffer to be faulty.
First one with the computer sending the file to the Ruida.
Second one with a usb stick.

Obviously, it don’t seems to be the issue.

I’ll post when I have tested the black box!

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So I did run a box and it engraved successfully.

I cleaned my mirrors et redid an alignment.

I did a mask on the image and actually I’m trying to restart only where it didnt engrave.

Wait and see :slight_smile:

Please post the light burn file for us to look at. I would be interested to see how that file works for other machines.

Also, does that white line appear if you turn your project 90 degrees - does the white stripe follow the picture or does it stay with the laser bed??

Your English is very good, my French is very bad. Welcome to the forums, Mon Ami.

Someone had a similar issue earlier this week and their Ruida controller was overloaded with files. Deleting many unused files from their machine seemed to solve their problem. Something to try.

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On my second attempt I deleted all the files on the ruida because I had a warning about buffer.

I had 90 files on this while I never plugged a USB stick. Anyway i removed all of them before retrying. But it doesn’t seems to do the trick.

As said before, right now I restarted the job with a mask to avoid running the whole file (about 4,5 hours)

Ok, so that’s not it. Is the blank space in the same location on both attempts or does it move to different locations?

The file is too big for the forum.
Here a google drive link :
by the way it is a 4,5hours files as I run it on my machine. (I’m a begginer and I built my own machine)

I’ll try the 90 degrees way if the mask way doesnt work :rofl:

Thank you for your kindness !

The blank space were in the same location on both attempts.

That’s why I rechecked my alignment but I wasn’t sure it would solve it. Because it’s just a 1cm (give or take) space.

Access denied. I requested access.

Access granted !

Damn this forum is a live chat ! :slight_smile:

The file is huge and caused my lightburn to crash. I have a thought but I need to see a screenshot of your Lightburn screen with your cuts/layers panel to verify.

Welcome to the LightBurn mind Hive :smiley:


Yes I know the file is big and as I’m a begginer with this. I thought this was normal for a huge engraving.

Here my screenshot :

How are you running the file? Do you click start, send or run RD file? Upload your actual .lbrn2 file rather than the rd file please. I looked at the problem area in the rd file and it looks to me like it should have burned properly.

First time I clicked start.
Second time I run RD file directly from Ruida controller after copying it from a USB stick. Not from lightburn directly

Here the lightburn file: TEAM BENQUET.lbrn2 - Google Drive

In the end. Here the finished product with the mask method.

The issue is still seeable and the contour isn’t exactly where it should be.
But it might do the trick for my friend !