Image gets cutoff

When printing on mugs the image shows fine but when I rotate the image it cuts off part of it and then when you run it the section gets cut off. Does anyone have any ideas?

So I want to offer you some ideas but you provide zero about your system, setup, OS, version of LightBurn or anything else I can work with. You did not add any info to your forum profile.

So I have to ask…

Filling out your profile with your Machine Details:

When you sign up for the account on the forum, there should be a field to fill out what Machines you have. Please make sure you have this filled out and it is accurate with your Machines you have, and what Controllers and Firmware they run.

You can edit this by clicking on your profile icon in the top right (on desktop browser), clicking the gear icon in the menu that pops up, and going to the Profile tab.

@Rick has a very nicely filled out profile:


This will save you the trouble of typing out your machine details on every support request, and save us the trouble of asking for them every time.

Thank you for helping us be as efficient as we can be in providing support to everyone!

There was a bug in older versions of LightBurn that did exactly this, which is why he’s asking. It was fixed with the 0.9.08 release.

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