Image (greyscale photo) only burns 1/2 way

I’m not sure if this is the right category, but I have an image that I’ve converted to greyscale, imported it into Lightburn, and when I attempt to output the project … everything works - right up to the image.

The image gets 1/2 way through, and looks fine.

Then it just traces the same line back and forth, without advancing, and if it’s on leather, it just cuts through, on wood … well, it’s a really black line….

I’ve tried setting the image to +35 degrees, -45 degrees, and Zero degrees, and all with the same results.

The image looks fine, and around the1/2 way point …. A really black line. The preview on lightburn marches on, and shows a spectacular result. On the laser bed …. Smoke.

Because you changed the scanning angle that should have eliminated possibilities of a motor problem since you say it still scans along the same line no matter the angle. Have you looked at the gcode to see where it’s getting stuck and if gcode generation(ie LightBurn) is at fault? Just for the heck of it, have you changed to Stucki Dithering and checked to see if it stops?

And while troubleshooting, turn the laser power down so it does not mark anything yet you can still see it.

I’m not sure what I’m looking for in the gcode to see if it’s ‘stuck’, so I’m going to try the Stucki Dithering to see if that changes anything. Thanks for the tip! :sunglasses:

If you set the raster scan angle so it’s parallel to one of the machine axis, then you should see the Gcode changing one axis by ~0.1mm then sending a long string of scan commands on the other axis… Then another scan line change followed by lots of scan points.

If the GCode generated is the problem, it will not be incrementing the scan line value since that is what you are seeing your machine doing. You might have to have LightBurn save GCode and then load the Gcode to hopefully see what line it starts repeating on.

hmm, I can’t seem to figure out how to see what line of Gcode is being sent to the machine. Since it fails repeatedly for many scan lines seeing the GCode lines sent would at least point to where in the file things were messing up.

WAIT, you ran the simulator and it doesn’t hang… If we can export the GCode, load it back up and run the simulator on the GCode that would eliminate that being the problem.

Can you repeat that you rotated the scan 45 deg and it still stops in the middle of the engraving with the motion repeating on the same line over and over instead of progressing up the image?

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