Image had shading, want to burn without shading

The image I’m needing to use has shading. I want it to burn everything the same. Is this possible? Ortur Master 2 HP Windows PC

Without seeing the image it’s had to say for certain, but in general, you can use the Threshold image mode to do a simple black/white cutoff:

You can see what I mean on the E in bedlam and it’s also on the G and O in gold

You should be able to select the image in LB then go to Properties and adjust Gama…Brightness…Contrast to darken the letters…probably not going to get that line through the firdt horse all black though. If the image is a PNG its easier as there is no white background but if it is a JPEG then be aware that darkening too much may actually affect the background thats normally white.
If you have Photoshop you can load the image in there and use the paint brush and the brush properties Overlay and swpa between black and white brush to darken the non whites shades to black and white brush to make the white areas pure white. Thats how I do it but you may not have Photoshop.
But again I think you could do it all in LB image Properties

Ok, I’ll look at that. I’m very new at this so you guys have been pretty awesome in helping!

I edited your image in photoshop like I described…this should work…as long as you are not engraving super huge…:slight_smile:

Oh awesome! I’m doing business cards for a friend. I greatly appreciate that!

No problem…I was just sitting here burning in Air Force Logo’s into a bunch of charcuterie boards for a customer so I am twiddling thumbs as the laser runs. Plus it’s easier to do myself then explain and it takes 3 minutes…:slight_smile:

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