Image height and width calibration

I need to calibrate my image height and width. I suddenly found that if i have an image that is 7 inches wide by measurement, if i put that diminsion in the width box, when i go to frame it it will frame 1/2 inch larger than my actual dimension. In order to get it to frame right is to go to the width box and instead of inputing 7 inches, i must put in 6.5 inches. Then when i frame my canvas it will follow the outline of the canvas even though the true width is actually 7 inches. Is there a way of changing the written width of 6.5 inch to the actual size which is 7 inches?

Hi David,

Are you talking about a digital image within LightBurn? Or a physical thing that you are placing under the laser?

Presuming digital, does your image have some kind of border? Or does the image have an image mask applied?

When you select the image the selection “marching ants” will highlight the border of the image and this should be exactly same path used by the framing (if that is the only object included for output).

This may not be obviously visible.