Image help. Maybe too dark?

This was a test piece on cherry but it will be on maple just didn’t really have spare maple right now. Using a jtech 14w had set to 335 DPI, Jarvis, speed - 150 and power 20.

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I think this is a pretty decent engraving!

But if you did want to improve it, I think the main issue here is that there isn’t a lot of contrast between the dog and the background, the shades are similar, and the background is cluttered so it’s a tricky image to get good definition on.

The most fundamental way that humans perceive objects is by the differences in tone (a.k.a value/shade/lightness/darkness). This is because this part of our sight evolved first, back when we were flatworms worried about shadows of predators from above. Color was added to our vision system much, much later. And this is why you can watch a movie in black and white, quite happily understanding what is going on. And why people can get well into adulthood without realising they are colorblind.

Value/tone/shade (and the differences in them being ‘contrast’) is the most important thing for making images that are easy to recognise.

To a human, a change in tone = a change in shape.

If I was doing this job, I would either take another picture of the dog on a flat, dark background, with some good directional lighting (lighting from the side or top).

If that wasn’t an option, I would use a mask to cut the dog out: Image Masking - LightBurn Documentation

And maybe adjust the image too: Image Adjustment - LightBurn Documentation


There’s also software online that will quickly remove background.

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Yeah! Even most phones will do it now.

Just to add a bit more reference material that might be helpful.

cropping/image masking.

And a recent post.

Hope it’s helpful.

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What programs are talking about? I have used ImageR many a time and really don’t like their background removal that much. Try removing the background of car #2 when looking through the windows of car #1. I have some Studebaker
plaques to make from color photos sent to me. Photos were taken at a car show.

Just google and take your pick.