Image in reverse on controller screen

Hi there. I don’t remember changing anything. But when using lightburn tonight the image is displayed on PC correctly but when sending to RD controller it is displayed on the controller screen in mirror image. The job cuts correctly though not in reverse. Any ideas?
Using RDC6445 red & black 80w laser - USB connection.
Thanks in advance for any support.

If LightBurn is cutting in the correct direction, but the controller display is backwards, that would be a setting on the controller itself. Press the Z/U button to enter the menu, then go to Screen Origin and change the setting there to match where you’ve set the origin in LightBurn.

If you’ve just set up the controller (or the machine is new) this is really commonly overlooked - you don’t notice until you cut something asymmetrical.


Resolved thank you. I must have changed it without realizing.