Image keeps offsetting (jogging)

I’m a longtime wood worker, but a newbe CNC user. I have an Openbuilds Lead 1010 w/blackbox x32 controler (grblHAL) and the Jtech 44w Octo Pro laser attachment. I using a pretty fast Windows 10 laptop to run everything. Here’s my problem. I’ve burned a dozen or so small photos and this weekend I tried a 10x10. The image starts off great, then after about 1/2" into the photo the whole image takes a big jog. This issue keeps repeating at different intervals throughout the image. Here’s a photo

What would cause this?
Thanks a ton in advance

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When I have these problems it’s usually air assist line snagging.

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Looks like a loose setscrew in a pulley or coupler letting the shaft rotate a bit one way or the other. They should be snug on the shaft flat, but may be snug on one side, so the best way to find them is to loosen the setscrew and tighten it while rotating the shaft inside the pulley or coupler to settle it in the middle of the flat.

It’s also possible the acceleration is too high, but I’d expect the axis to stall rather than slip like that.

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