Image Masking is not available on my program?

I’ve been trying to crop an road map outline to make the cut area smaller. There is no crop option just apparently Image Masking but when i go into to tools or right click an area that option is not available for me? The latest version is installed? Im at a loss for whats happening.

Are you trying to crop vector lines, or mask an image?

Id say crop vector lines.

Ive been practicing with Image Masking and it works just fine just not ideal for what Im doing (had to convert my lines to a bit-nap then it worked) however then when i retraced the image was set with a whole new load of issues so Ctrl Z back to where I begun.

The reason Im pulling my hair out is because Im trying to cut out a section of a traced map. Ive spent hours fixing all the nodes to connect them ready for the cut, but only want to cut a section of the final product. When I draw a rectangle then use the boolean Intersection of 2 shapes it will not work (wont give me the option) only the weld function. which only deletes the cut section (the part that i actually want).

The part that has me confused is I have a section that is just the major arteries when i try on this section it works… Is the design too complicated/intricate?

If possible then send the map you have prepared up here, I would like to try to look at it.

By the way, Fremantel has been a very beautiful and cozy town when we were there in 1997. I also remember the cooling breeze that came every afternoon in this region and which was called after the city. We loved the West Coast.

love it! Fremantle is where me and my partner first met and where we got our first home together. The breeze in the afternoon is called the Fremantle Doctor, comes in and takes the heat away just when you need it.

I’ve figured it out I had some lines that were crossing around the edges of the map, and one line that needed to be linked back up with itself and a line where the nodes were on top of each other but not linked, I suppose this created more than one shape or object, who bloody knows… Got it to work finally! Now i can sleep.

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of course, the doctor - I forgot him for a moment :wink:

For vectors, this is likely to be the simplest way:

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