Image not cutting as large as it is on software

Image is larger on screen and software than what cuts

This isn’t much to go on…

I’d suggest ensuring both software and machine are using the same units, inches/min, inches/sec, mm/m or mm/s


Thank you. The image is shrinking when cutting from what it is on soft ware example 406mm for height and cuts it at 266mm

Did you follow my suggestion? What are the results…?

We can’t tell, you need to inform us.


Dumb question but how can I tell what the laser is set on the software is mm . Please know that I appreciate all your help and suggestions. Im really new at this .

Is this a new machine? Has it ever cut correctly? Galvo or gantry style laser?

Could be anything from incorrect steps/mm setup in the controller if it’s a gantry style to wrong focal length setup for a galvo.

Please provide information about your machine and background leading up to the problem you are experiencing.

Suggest you check out how to setup a grbl machine for use with Lightburn

There are a number of getting started videos from Lightburn.

Knowing the basics helps a lot…

Good luck


Is the Enable Rotary switch turned on in the Laser window?

It’s easy to hit by accident … :grin:


Yes new machine is a falcon2 pro has cut correctly before 22watt

OMG thank you thank you that was it !!!