Image of bed cropped

Boss 1620, 160 lens, latest version of Lightburn

Does anyone know why my image is cropped? It looks fine in Camera Control but cuts off when I refresh the main image. I recalibrated and aligned my camera several times and that didn’t help. I tried calibrating it as a fisheye lens but I couldn’t get it to recognize the dots pattern. When I calibrate it as a standard lens, this happens. I’ve also tried calibrating the alignment at 100% and 160% and get the same result. This has never happened before…why is it happening now? Thanks!

This can happen if you enter the scale incorrectly when you do the alignment - By that I mean you run the job using one scale, cancel, then finish using a different scale. Try it again, doing the camera alignment all the way through just once from start to finish. You should be able to run the alignment with a scale of 150% to 160% without any trouble, just make sure you keep that number all the way through.

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