Image on Tile - Daughter - CO2 Laser

Now that I have 2 baseline images and engravings its time to start experimenting with 1 variable at a time to really dial it in. Thoughts?

5% power
Acetone clean pre and post
Gloss white
Image Processed in GIMP except dither
300 dpi
K40 @ 16ma max

Work on your image prior to sending it to the laser.
Dodging the shadows on the length of the arms should define the arms and create a greater visual impact currently it makes the subject look like she has no arms. create a separation.

Also remove the large dark object I the lower right frame.



How did you get rid of the shadows? What a difference!

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@Sasquatch thank you for the advice. I’ll adjust the photo and try again. What tool did you use to remove the dark area in the lower right corner (Table)?

@beltramidave, I’m not sure how @Sasquatch did it but I got a similar effect on the grays in GIMP using the following tool path. Color->Desaturate->Color to Gray…

Thank you. I use Gimp, so I will give that a try next time

@beltramidave I use an iPad Pro. The program I use is SnapSeed it’s free

I have a full blown computer with all the great graphics programs but sometimes you don’t need to fire up the big ole BBQ when you can just fry a burger :hamburger: in frying pan :fried_egg: .

I used exposure brush to lighten the shadows and used heal to remove the dark object in the lower right.

Cheers and good luck


Adjusted photo per @Sasquatch recommendations and burned at 450dpi. Way more detail. Didn’t remove the table in the lower right. To lazy today :slight_smile:

Nice job…not to turn this into a retouching party- but maybe add back a vignette so that the bottom of the frame is not competing with the highlight of her face. Your eye needs to go to her eyes first and then work their way to the rest of the composition…even high-key like this.


Great Job!

When you see them side by side you can totally tell the adjustments you made brought out detail.