Image or Text sent to controller is backwards

I have read through the posts and I know that if you set the origin backwards that it will cut the item backwards, but my machines origin is Top Right hand corner and in the controller the display origin is also set to top right and in lightburn its set to Absolute Coordinates and it has the red square and the green at the top right hand side of the screen. My issue is when I send anything to the laser it prints backwards or mirrored. When I look at the display on the controller it also shows it mirrored. When I move the laser from either the jog controls or the machine everything moves in the right directions. I am at a loss.

It is a new machine and this is my first time using it. I did not have this issue with a grrbl laser.

Go to Edit > Device Settings, and move the origin to the other side (top left). All the origin control does is mirror the output.

You say that your machine origin is top-right. When you first power the machine, and it homes the laser into a corner to zero itself, which corner does it move toward?

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