Image size cut in half on y axis

Hello, I hope I’m putting this in the correct place. I’m currently using a FoxAlien Masuter Pro. Recently when I go to laze a design, the x axis lazes the correct amount, but the y axis does not. For example, I drew a 6x6 box in Lightburn. It lazed the box 6"x2.75". I was using the rotary setting but I have since turned it off (laser tools > rotary settings > disable rotary)

Here are my machine settings showing I’m reporting inches

Here are my settings

Here are the $$ settings

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!!

Make sure rotary is disabled. Turn your machine off. Close and restart Lightburn. Restart your machine. Verify rotary is still disabled. Type $$ in console and verify that $100 & $101 both = 80. If 101 doesn’t =80 type $101=80 and enter.

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