Image size difference

Why is it when I make an image on my software a certain size, when I transfer it to my machine it is a totally different size? Most of the time it is way larger.

Are you designing your image in Lightburn, or a different program?

They are in Lightburn

Are both machines using the same units, such as mm or inches…?

That would be a 1:25.4 size change…


That is a good question. I do not know how to check that on the machine itself. Any hints on where it might be?

Can you upload one of your Lightburn files that have this problem?

I did notice that the machine is definitely on MM and the software is on Inches. How can i change the machine to Inches’ instead of MM?


I believe the controller works in MM only, but this adjustment would be accessed from the HMI (Human to Machine Interface) panel on the front of the laser cabinet itself, if available. @jkwilborn is showing where in LightBurn to change the units LightBurn uses. :slight_smile:

As @RalphU requests, share the file if willing and others can review and may spot something helpful.

Are you saying that if you draw, say, a 10mm X 10mm square (or any reasonable size) in the center of the LightBurn workspace, when you produce that job on the laser it is not the same size? If using 10mm X 10mm, what size is produced on the laser? Have you used a rotary recently?

Didn’t mention the Ruida, as I’ve never seen any option to change it out of mm.

If you can’t change it on the Ruida, that leaves a limited number of places it can be changed :wink:


Thank you all for your help.

Did it resolve your issue?

If so, what did you do?


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