Image threshold setting

can anybody explain me exactly how the threshold setting works?
As far as I imagine, threshold setting means that when the laser find a grey point of the image, if that grey is higher than the threshold the laser burns at max power, if it’s lower it burns at minimum power. The final result should be a sort of “black and white” picture. Am I right or wrong? If I’m right, how can I adjust the level of the threshold?

Your understanding is mostly correct, except Threshold mode does not use min and max powers. It burns at the power you set your layer to, or does not burn at all, depending on whether the brightness of a given area of your image is above or below the threshold.

You can’t change the threshold, but you can adjust the brightness of your image up or down, which will change which areas are above or below the threshold, using the ‘Adjust Image’ tool.


Very clear. Thank you very much!

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