Image tracing eliminate double lines

Trying to trace an image that was drawn with a pencil. LB traces both sides of the line creating 2 lines.
I would like the end result to have only one cut line.
Are there any specific settings to get this result?

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Inkscape v1.0 has recently been released. Inkscape is a multi-platform, free vector editor. One of the “revolutionary” features of 1.0 is centerline trace. I copied and pasted your image into Inkscape and the centerline trace executed far better than I expected.

What you’ll find is that locations that are more than a pair of lines will become one continuous line and one non-connected line. It will be necessary to node-edit those locations to ensure you have closed shapes, but it’s probably less work than removing doubled paths.

Thanks for introducing me to Inkscape! I tried it and got pretty good results for my first try!

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