Image transfer from lightburn is all wiggly and broken

I have a green and black 80w Chinese laser with ruida controller(sorry don’t know what model number) I have had this for two years now no real issues and daily use with lightburn.


Today I have found my usual product engraving I do regularly, the engraving is not up to standard (fill/line) especially the line is not following the engraving boundary.
I noticed the transfer picture on the ruida controllers screen is showing wiggly lines as well. After checking belts are tight and re trying multiple times, I’m thinking it might be something to do with the transfer from lightburn to the controller? Or is there something else I can try to fix this problem?

Please help. Sorry if I have missed some details you might need to help.


Hi Jarred, Very difficult to see any detail in your images, they are very small.

Thanks for looking. Hope this is better for you

First thing I would check is your lens. You can get results like this if it has worked loose.

Could you also post an image of your cut/layer settings.

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I will check the lens tomorrow, fingers crossed.
Attached should be the fill/line settings.

Have you any ideas on the ruida screen sample which is very wiggly and makes lines past stopping points? I just tryed a different USB port to see if that was an issue, with same results.

Something going on there that shouldn’t be. The Ruida will be displaying what it was sent.
Just post your lbrn2 file so I/we can take a look.

Edit: How are you connected to your machine and are you on a Windows system?

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Marie’s.lbrn (17.4 KB)

Yes I am on a Windows laptop connected to the laser by USB cable.

Thank you for your help so far, its much appreciated.

I don’t see anything unusual other than, to me, I think your min power is set a bit low. Try both set to the same to start with and if it starts to burn in the corners of the text then back the min power down a bit.
Also, do you have any offsets set for the various speeds?

Starting to get late here and need some beauty sleep, If you still have the problem tomorrow I’ll run your file on my machine and see if the problem exists.

I am seeing very confusing things on your control HMI panel that I do not see in the LightBurn file. Looks like some lead-in is being applied on some shapes that are not present in the posted file. :slight_smile:


I also see that your laser firing is not fast enough to keep up with your movement. Look at the following for assistance with that: Scanning Offset Adjustment - LightBurn Software Documentation

And I would also look into this,

Thanks for the help. I will look into all this today.
I find it confusing that if it’s a setting issue, because I have successfully engraved with this setting over a hundred times to very happy customers. But at this stage im willing to try anything.
I’ve bought new mirrors and a laser, just incase as they are on the old side.

Its back in Action!! Thanks all for the help, it means allot been a hard time recently. David your a legend for suggesting the lens, checked was a little loose, gave it a polish and tighten and I am back engraving like before.

Thanks again all and happy Lasering

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That’s great news. We live and learn :+1:

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