Impoerted PDF gets inverted

Some of my PDF drawings turn inverted (black) when importing in lightburn. Is there any settings i have to change?

Here is a link to the PDF I’m trying to import. It is opening fine in othe SW like InkScape. Is there any reason for this not to open in Lightburn?
Oz : Filou plan - free download (

Its a pdf made from a series of bitmapped images, not vectors.

It’s treated as an image.

I had to open it in another pdf app, save it, before it wasn’t black in LB. I don’t want to spend the time looking, but I suspect the pdf is slightly corrupt, or badly formatted by some random app.

Thanks for you reply.
I’ll open the files in Inkcape first then, and save the PDF as SVG. That is working fine :slight_smile:

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