Import files from the card to lightburn

I can no longer find the key to import the files on the Ruida controller from the machine to the computer, I only upload to the machine, how come? (file .rd)

That function exists in RDWorks, but has never been in LightBurn. Given that you are the first person to mention it, it doesn’t seem to be used much.

I was able to help a client of mine who had lost an original file, he had only the .rd file left in the controller memory, I recovered it using RD and then I dragged the .rd file into the Lightburn window, the file was opened perfectly and with all the power and speed information of the levels and it was also editable.
This often happens to some people and being able to recover the .rd files from the controller’s memory and then being able to open them in LB and modify them in all aspects would be very useful.

I can look into what’s required to support it.

Excellent, if it is not a complicated thing it would be useful since LB allows you to open .rd files :occhiolino:

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