Import fro .ai file doesnt translate all the layers

Created a 13 layer object with specific colors for each layer. When I import it only imports 8 layers and some of the layers are combined 4 colors even though the .ai file color assignments aren’t. They also have the names from the previous file I imported.

Screen Shot 2021-07-05 at 12.33.33 PM

Thanks, downloaded the resource library and selected the layers in sequence by number. It did import all 13 layers, BUT it imported them out of order and still applied old layer names to some of the layers even though I sampled the library. weird, any ideas?

Yea, I know that but I had assumed (maybe wrongly) that LightBurn would import the ai file in the same stack order I built the file. It’s not a big issue but in complex layered projects it helps a little to have them import in “order” for sanity reasons while cutting the art piece. (and I am old and blind and can’t see the skinny lines in LB in a overlayered project it is really hard) Thanks for the suggestion though.

Just discovered the “filled rendering” in preferences and that helps the hard to see lines old age issue.

Something to consider for .ai files. If you save your laser-ready output file as an older version (I use v. 10) it strips out a lot of things not needed for the laser to cut or scan. This can significantly boost productivity.

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