Import Large PDF

New to the software and trying to get back up and running with our files.

I have successfully done a few Hello World projects on my Bescutter Versa 150. It has the Ruida 644XS Controller. I am using the latest Lightburn on a Mac OSX via USB cable.

Okay, so now it’s time to get back to work right? I am trying to import a PDF of a world map. Simple topographic lines. Yet I crash Lightburn every time I import. I have attached my file, a screenshot, and the PDF in question. (Actually since I am a new user I can’t… so…

The PDF is being saved from Adobe Illustrator CC 2020. Nothing too complex, no crazy geometry, just some cut lines.

Is it because the PDF is too big in size? Maybe some weird export setting? Maybe there is a better way to import?

Thank you for any help!

If you save it as just plain AI content with ‘Use Compression’ turned off, it should load. This PDF is storing a reference to the artbox (bounds) instead of storing them as just numbers and I’ve never seen that before. Quickly fixed, will be in the next release.

Thank you that helped much! I saved as PDF without any compression or other features. Both SVG, PDF, and JPEG are working great now. Thank you!

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