Import not working

I use the import facility quite a bit. Mainly to fill wasted space.

The latest version seem to have an issue with this.

The imported lightburn file is blown so far out of proportion it destroys the import. Thumbnails (as seen in all seem to be the same way; however, if I open the file by itself it’s fine.

Cut and paste work so there is an option.

Lightburn 1.02, Windows 10, plenty of free ram, and disk space.

Can you show an image or attach a file to show what you mean? Your description of the issue isn’t very clear - what types of files are you importing? I use import constantly and have no issues.

They are both files created in lightburn.

What part is not descriptive enough.

When I import a file X = 90000 or more Y = 30000 or more. I sure didn’t save the that way. If I open the LIGHTBURN file by itself it’s within my work space as I saved it.

The thumbnails all appear with just a few dots in it.

Considering how blown out of proportion the import is no I can’t attach a picture. Even if zoom out you still can’t see that I am talking about.

Except this happens with every Lightburn file I attempt to import.

As I said, if I open the file by itself it works fine.

I will see if I can locate any stray nodes tomorrow

Seems to work OK for me on my win10 laptop and Linux desktop. Both with 1.0.02

Thank you Hank, but after 40+ years in all things computers I learn a long time ago what work on one computer doesn’t always work on another.

However, it’s fixed. I went looking for stray nodes, and found them. Not sure how they got there, but the are gone and everything works.


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