Import scaling issues

Hi guys,

read a few post about import scalingh issues but can not sort mine out, No matter what format I import from dxf /ai/svg they all import with wrong scaling.

Can anyone help. as at the moment all im using lightburn for is curving text.

Thanks in advance,

Thanks for that, it does help,
Altering the image after importing isnt to much of a problem, and yes by putting 25.4 in the percentage box does bring it to size, The auto detect units is on, but still dont understand how this is happeneing, ive never had this problem with RD works or any other software.


Ok I’ll try that, thanks for the advice

AI and SVG generally use real units, so if you have AI or SVG files importing with an incorrect scale, email them to us at support@lightburnsoftware and we’ll have a look.

DXF is another matter - the files generally don’t contain the unit of measure they were created in, and sometimes when they do it’s wrong. You can set ‘auto-detect’ and that works most of the time, but if it doesn’t, you can turn that off and manually choose the unit for the file before importing (as Ralph shows above), and that should work.

Saying “they all import with wrong scaling” is not specific enough for us to try to help you. If you said instead, “they all come in about 3/4 the size they’re supposed to” or, “AI files are 2x too big, SVGs are 50% too small, and DXFs have no consistent pattern”, that would be better. If you can be as specific as possible, we can help you faster.

I had the same problem exporting .SVG files from Affinity Designer. The solution is to set the RASTER DPI to 96 and the file will then import at the original size.

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