Import SVG from Lightburn to Affinity Designer (problem)

When Iimport svg from lightburn to Affinity Designer the linked vectors appear in scattered places.
(google translate).
Video :

I have no problem with other programs, Inkscape, corel, …

That’s interesting. I’ve never had an issue with exports from LightBurn but I don’t use Affinity Designer so not sure about the specifics.

You should try a few tests:

  1. import the SVG back into LightBurn. Does it work correctly?
  2. import the LB SVG into other programs? Does it work correctly?

Bottom line, need to determine if the issue is in the export from LB or in the import into Affinity Designer.

Is your Affinity Designer up to date? Early on they were using a rather unique SVG format (it appeared to be a hybrid between versions). I think they’ve improved SVG handling in recent months. I’m not at my computer so can’t check on it right now.

I have the last version of affinity designer. I have no problem when import from other program to Affinity designer.
The import from affinity designer to lightburn it is ok.
The only problem is when import from lightburn to infinity designer.

I have used the inkscape method. From the inkscape I saved like a svg. I inserted it into the affinity designer and it opened well.
(google translate)

thank you all for your support.

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