Imported Images and Text Issues

Hello I am using an AtomStack A5 Pro 40W. I am having issues with some imported images, mostly .png that I have removed the background on) as well as text that I have added.

Any purchased .svg I am using is fine but any text I am adding is very faint. They are on the same layer, set to Fill. This only happens with some text though and not others. I can’t seem to figure out why though. I have slowed down the speed, increased power etc. but for some things it is just too faint. The imported .svg is fine though. This also happens with images I have imported, but not ones I have purchased.

Please show us, so we can “see” what these words mean. Provide a contrast for us to compare, purchased vrs not, SVG that works and one with issues, same for PNG. Basically, show us what you are saying, and we can go from there. :slight_smile:

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