Importing a .dxf misaligns text and whole file

Currently draftsight but I tried Trueview as well and run into the same issues

I was able to replicate the same issue in Draftsight.

Please post the DXF and we can take a look.

You can select sections of the work, then use ‘Cut Selected Graphics’, found on the left side of the Lasers window, to only output the current selected section. Would this work for what you are trying to accomplish?

When I try to upload a .dxf it says it isn’t a permitted file type but I’ve got a screenshot of how the tags come out

I’m currently running the trial version of Lightburn to preview the software before I buy a laser thus I don’t have a laser connected so I don’t think I have a lasers window unless I’m missing where it is

To post that file here, just add .txt to the end of the file. It should look something like: your_file.dxf.txt :slight_smile:

You should set up a device profile for a basic laser system to have LightBurn work properly. What type and brand of laser are you considering? You can set up manually and do not need to do the Find my Laser.

Here is my view:

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My .txt file is coming out too big to send through the website. Could I email it to you?

I’m looking to get the Boss LS-1416

Send to, include a title and link to this post for context.

I sent the file over

How large is the file? If it’s larger than 20mb, you’ll have to zip it to send it. I’ve looked and haven’t seen any messages from you so far.

It’s 7 MB, sent from the email “

Nothing has come through.

This would require using the Ruida Device Profile.

I was able to set it up, thank you

I just got an automated email saying the one I sent was received

Thank you, we see it has arrived. :slight_smile:

Fixed for the next release, assuming this doesn’t break others with more testing:



Is there an ETA for the next Lightburn release?

Not yet - we don’t usually give hard dates for those because they have a nasty habit of being wrong. :slight_smile:

That’s understandable. Is it possible to get a test build with this fix applied?

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