Importing .AI files into LightBurn V0.9.11


I used Lightburn a few weeks ago with the 0.9.09 version, using the trial mode.
Today I purchased a DSP licence and upgraded to version 0.9.11. And before I used .AI files created with CorelDraw and imported them with no problem. Today I try the same and when I import the files nothing happens… WTF???
I can work around this by importing the same file as .DXF, but I seem to remember that in the manual says that .AI files are better for vectors…
Any ideas?

PS : is there any way to download an older version?

Meanwhile I have found an 0.9.09 installer on my drive, reverted to the older version and works like a charm…

2 things to try:

  1. Turn off compression when you do a save as
  2. save as legacy Illustrator:

Can you send me one of the files that works with the older version but not the newer one? I’m not aware of having broken anything. Email to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com, and include a link to this thread.

I sent an email :wink:

It’s fixed and will be in the next release.

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