Importing AI files with cut layers and raster layers


I’m trying to get a handle on the software before ordering the Cohesion3D motherboard even if I can’t use it yet.

I’m trying to import a multi-layers AI file. Layers with lines for cuts and layers with raster images (lineart). When I imported then, cuts layers when fine but raster layers were completely black. Even weirder, in one other file, one of these raster layer was inverted (black <-> white).
Any idea what might go wrong ?

Thank you

I actually remade the file importing PNG transparent file, and it seems to work fine like this.

I still don’t figure out yet the X,Y homing position, that’s weird. Preview show it goes from bottom to top, but the laser’s going in the other direction.

Most likely you have set the origin to be rear-left instead of front-left. The rear-left is where the homing switches are, and the front-left is the origin. Everyone does this, no matter how large, bold, or flashing red the text in the instructions is for the C3D. :slight_smile:

… so, if you don’t have the board yet, how is the laser moving at all?

It’s not moving at all, I’m just trying to understand all of it (well the software part on this forum anyway) before buying it.

I think to from now on, I’ll need to test it once I receive the board. (I still need answers on the cohesion 3D forum… I don’t know if you’re the same one to answer there )

Thank you for your answer!

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