Importing Combination Vector and Raster Files

Hi All,

Having trouble importing files from Illustrator that contain both vectors for cuts and pixel based images for raster operations.

Using the latest version of LightBurn and Illustrator.

Have tried the following import options:

  1. Importing as a AI file - only vector lines come through

  2. Importing as a AI v8 legacy file - only vector lines come through

  3. Import as PDF - only vector lines come through

  4. Import as PDF Acrobat V4 legacy - both vectors and pixel images come through but are out of alignment

Not sure if it is actually possible to import vectors and pixels in one go, I haven’t managed to do it on RDworks either but I was hoping LightBurn could solve the issue of having to import two file types and try to line them up.

Any help would be really apreciated!

Hi Courtney. For AI files this should absolutely work. Can you email me a file you’re having trouble with so I can have a look? Send to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com. A few bugs have been fixed in the pending release, so it’s possible that whatever it is has been corrected, but I’d like to be sure.

Support for embedded images in PDF files is more complicated, and still not fully working, but AI’s have been pretty solid.

Hi Oz,

Looks like it could have been a bug in a particular set of files.
We run a maker-space and were having trouble with one users files in particular, I’ve just tried with some that I’ve drawn in illustrator from scratch and they seem to be working just fine.
Potentially looks like it could have been an issue with the jpeg not being embedded into the AI file.

Thanks for the support, will have to look through our member’s AI files next time they’re in.


Embedded JPG image support I think is one of the things coming in the next release. If you can email me one of the user files that didn’t work I can verify this. I’d like to have LightBurn just work for anything reasonable.