Importing gcode

I am using the latest trial versions of LightBurn (1.3.01) on two different machines. I designed one project on one of them then tried to import on to the other machine which is connected to the xTool Di Pro. Set everything up and attempted to print. The design was basically a 4 in diameter Christmas ornament. All looked good even the preview displayed my expected results. I saved the gcode and copied it to the desktop of the other printer. Imported the file into the other printer. It looked fine but upside down (no big deal). Once the laser turned on, all it did was make tiny movements like one does when you are very cold. I did a quick design to check out the functionality of the printer. It printed just fine.
The original project had several layers. The import only had one layer and I could not break into its separate components. Should I have not saved the gcode?

This suggests the two PCs have different configuration files or are using different Device setups.

Copying the LightBurn configuration / preference / library files from the “good” machine to the other one should put them in sync.

Gcode is not the format you want to use for storing your projects. Save to native .lbrn2 files and use those between computers.

Gcode is the final output format that you would send to your machine. It does not store layer data or semantic information about your design.

I checked the configurations, and they were fine. But I found out you can’t save the geode and use it own another machine for modifications. Just need to copy the file which has all the layers and other content. Thanks for the info though

You were right. Copying the file over was the way to go. When I did that, my project came out as designed. Thanks for your input.

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