Importing multiple PDFs to preset Positions

Hi, i’m Maxim and pretty new to the LightBurn Software. In our Business we get a lot of Orders for engravings and we would like to optimize our workflow. For that we are looking for a way to import up to 3 equally sized PDFs with our designs and automatically assign them to a position in LightBurn. Is there a way to create a script or use a plugin or that kind of work? Thanks in advance!

If you simply import using the File → Import, LightBurn will place the file in the center of the workspace.

If you drag a file in, LightBurn will use the cursor position in the window where you “release” the file as the location.

In either of these actions, if you hold down Shift, LightBurn will position the file with regard to its own Origin (ie: it will not move it to the center or the cursor position). So if all of your PDFs line up, then you can use that method.

There is currently no way in LightBurn to “import to a specific coordinate”.

However, based on what I said regarding a common origin, you can make things work that way - either directly, or through a template in a 3rd party design/ layout program.

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