Importing pdf issues

When I import a new Adobe pdf file I get the outline box, but no text. I have old pdf files where it does import propertly but now can’t get text to show up. I’m sure I’m missing something but … Any thoughts.

Can you attach the problematic file so we can take a look?

Hi Colin. Trying to upload pdf file but this won’t let me . Can you give me an email to send it to.

BTW, I grew up in Fort Nelson, BC in the 1950’s. Will be in Hope next month. Lots of family in Canada.
Thanks, Larry Allen

if you append ‘.txt’ to the file name (eg: ‘myfile.pdf.txt’) you’ll be able to upload it.

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Just realized that if I open the pdf in Adobe Illustrator then I can copy/paste to Lightburn. Works perfect.

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Glad you found a workaround. It would still be good to know what it is about this file that LB doesn’t like though.

Yes, we’d like to see this file. Most convenient to post here, you can append .txt to the file name and try posting again. If more comfortable, send to, include a link to this thread for context / follow-up, and please include “Colin” and “Problematic PDF file” in a brief title to help with routing. :slight_smile: