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HI, I just downloaded and updated to the newest Version of Lightburn last week and since i did the update i can no longer import files that i have previously worked on. Please Help i use this feature daily and i am having to save what i am working on, close it then go open the page i wanted to import copy the whole thing, close and open the original new project and paste what i was trying to import. hope this makes since. Please help.


What file type are you trying to import?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “can no longer import”? Do you get an error or message of some kind? Importing LightBurn files is still allowed, so I can’t see why that’s not working for you.

Not sure if i can load a video to show you, but when i start a new project on lightburn and i create something new then i go into file import, to import a previous lightburn file that i created that i want to import into my new file to add to my design it acts like it opens it but it does not show up on the screen does that make since. sorry hard to explain

lightburn file that i previously created

is there a way i can send you a video of what it is doing to me?? please let me know. i tried emailing you a video but it says it was rejected

You can share a link to youtube, dropbox, or other sharing service.

darn ok i am not that computer savey let me see if i can figure out how to do this.

My daughter is helping me give me a minute thanks

Can you check to see if you are in “Filled Rendering” mode? I’m not sure this is going to make a difference, but just check, and if you are, change it to Wireframe / Smooth.

Neither Rick or I have any trouble importing LightBurn files, so I’m surprised that you’re seeing this. I can’t think of why this would be happening.

Also, as something to try, go to Help > Enable debug logging, then try to import a file or two. Then quit LightBurn, and in your Documents folder there will be a file called LightBurnLog.txt. Attach it here so I can have a look.

Thanks so much for the response but how do i check if i am in Filled Rendering Mode?? I would need step by step instructions. So Sorry and also the enable debug logging ??? what is that and how do i do that?? Sorry i am sure i am that customer that you hate. I always appreciate all your help.


The rendering modes are set here, in the Window menu:


We recommend using Wireframe / Smooth for general use.

The debug setting is in the Help menu, here:

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