Importing selective layers from Illustrator

I need to make multiple cutting jobs from the same Illustrator file. This means importing some layers and not others.
I believe that a few versions ago there became a way to import selected layers from Illustrator into LB. I think it involved simply locking the layers you didn’t want to import.
I have tried this with a test file and it does indeed behave that way.
However, I have an AI file now that seems to ignore all reason, some layers respond to locking, others ignore the locked status. I even have one layer which is locked, but some groups of paths manage to sneak into the LB “import” process regardless.
This is driving me nuts!
Does anyone have any deeper insight than I as to why some things in Illustrator ignore the locked status for import into LB?
Running V0.9.09 on Windows 10, Illustrator CS6.

It’s supposed to ignore locked layers, but there might be something odd about the file, or some other flag to indicate layer status that I’m not aware of. If you can forward a file to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com along with a screen shot from Illustrator showing which parts are supposed to be excluded I can have a look. (Include a link to this thread too, so I know what it’s related to if it takes me a day or two).

Hi Oz, I sent a couple of files to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com.
Did you get them?

Yes, I’ve just been backlogged, partly from Christmas, and traveling - had to meet a couple manufacturers last week in Florida. We also just moved in to a new home and have discovered that the previous owner considered himself a crack plumber. No plumber we’ve had in to repair the work agrees though. :slight_smile: It’s been, uh, entertaining.


Yeah, moving’s a hassle anyway, but with plumbing problems as well… :frowning:
Did the plumber scratch his head and say… “well oo installed this then?”
Oops, sorry, OffTopic.
No pressure, I just wanted to confirm you got them.

There was a lot of, “what the hell were they thinking?” and “this isn’t supposed to do that.”

As an example, the drain pipe for our kitchen sink fell off, by itself, under normal use. Installed properly those seals are tightly threaded and basically indestructible.

For a moment there it sounded like you were describing my engineering practices.

Perhaps you miss understood him. Did he actually say “I’m a crack plumber” or was it “I have a lot of experience with crack pipes”.
Because they are not the same thing…


Hi Oz, Have you managed to get a look at this yet?
Anyone else had a similar problem?


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