Importing SVG or AI issue

Hello, i try to import .SVG or .ai made under illustrator 2015 but without success, using latest version .
No error, no message… nothing.

Importing the same image as JPG is ok.

Any tip for beginner ?

Steps I just did to successfully import an SVG made in Illustrator CC:

  1. Create text
  2. Convert text to outline
  3. Export to SVG
  4. File>Import in Lightburn. Select file
  5. Move/scale to where you want it

Make sure you aren’t zoomed in and it’s maybe out of your view

You said “image” - If you need to import just an image, you might as well just use JPG, PNG, or another appropriate image format.

Having said that, LightBurn should import both SVG and AI, so if it’s not working, please email the file that doesn’t import to developer at lightburnsoftware dot com and I’ll have a look.

Hi, it’s just a text into a .AI or .SVG file, can you give me the email address where i send the files ?

Thanks to michaywood, it’s works :slight_smile:

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Re read this part here ^^