Importing text from AI files

I am having issues where I am unable to import text setup in AI. I have attempted multiple files and had the same result. All text that is imported into LB disappears and I am unable to locate it. If I create outlines on my text (turning them into shapes) they are imported without issue. This is the LB file from the import result. I can upload the AI file also if needed. ITrip Coaster_Test_LB.lbrn (87.2 KB)

LightBurn does not currently import text. What you need to do is convert text to curves in AI then import the file into LightBurn. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thanks, that saves a lot of headache. I am new so I haven’t poked around much yet, but is there a way to input text on a path like AI? I have a couple of other projects that have angled and rounded text in them currently. Thanks for any insight.

Text on path is not currently supported in LightBurn although it has been requested a time or two. You can add your vote of support here:

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Do all your text on paths and other effects in Illustrator then convert it to paths/outlines. You can import those into LightBurn.

@JaredH Thanks, that is what I have ended up doing. Just find that on some of my projects it has been making the import more labor intensive by creating duplicate layers and such. Not a huge issue by any means, just trying to figure some things out.