Importing Vcarve image Gcode with preview

I have been able to create a laser project in Vcarve and import the Gcode by using the “Run Gcode” on the laser control panel however it doesn’t show a preview. Is there a way to generate a preview of the Gcode prior to running using this method?

Why don’t you export a vector from VCarve?

Export . Allows you to export selected Vectors as either an eps, dxf, ai, svg or pdf format vector file. If no vectors are selected, the all visible vectors will be exported . Note: When exporting in DXF format, the layer information relating to the exported vectors is preserved.

Very good thought but I did already try that and I can’t get it to work with an image in the file. Probably because the image isn’t made of vectors?

I can get Lightburn to run the file from Vcarve by running the post processor in Vcarve and saving the toolpath and then opening the file in Lightburn by hitting “Run Gcode” but as soon as you select the file from the dialog box Lightburn will start the burn. I’m trying to get it to open in the Lightburn software so I can preview it and make sure the sizing/alignment is correct.

LightBurn doesn’t interpret gcode it’s asked to run, it just sends it to the machine as is. The only way to get a preview is to have the design content in LightBurn, not just the gcode. If you have the source image, just import that on its own, after importing the vectors.

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