Impostazione della simulazione

Good morning.
I would like to understand how to set the simulation window in lightburn, knowing that it does not affect the controller …
I need to understand if it is possible to use it to make quotes.
Currently it does not correspond to reality.

Thanks in advance.

Vorrei capire come impostare la finestra di simulazione in lightburn, pur sapendo che non influsce sul controller.
Mi serve capire se è possibile utilizzarla per fare i preventivi.
Attualmente non corrisponde alla realtà.

grazie in anticipo.

You’ll need to change those values to match your controller’s values. Then your simulation should be close. I’d run a couple tests to see how much difference there is, and then you can probably give a decent but rough estimation of cost.

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The Cut and Engrave acceleration values should be easy to copy from Edit > Machine Settings, near the top. The maximum speed values will have to come from the per-axis motor settings near the bottom of the Machine Settings window, and Rapid Speed is ‘Idle Speed’ from the Machine Settings.

With those set properly you should be very close. Then the two scale numbers at the bottom can be used to fine tune to try to get closer still. It will never be absolutely perfect, because I do not know exactly how Ruida controllers perform their calculations, but mine is usually within a few seconds.

Thank you.
For the answers.
I make an attempt and then I have the result

Thank you.
For the answers.

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