Impressions I get using the program

maybe I don’t know how to do many things in this great program, but I find some things that could be improved.
My problems with lightburn are:

the camera disconnects after about 10 minutes.
sometimes trying to restore camera it blocks the com ports… will it be my camera’s fault?

when i go into nodes edit, i have to trace the path of the figures first, i would expect to see the nodes of all the figures automatically right away.
I don’t understand what could be useful for me in node edit to see a rectangle without the assigned nodes yet.

in the nodes I would like to know the measure between 2 nodes in order to move with a numerical criterion and not just by looking at the grid.
it would great to add a window at the bottom that indicates the path measure between 2 selected nodes or between 2 nodes when the mouse is positioned on the path line.

I’d like to have better control of the measurements, it doesn’t matter to get to transform lightburn into a cad program but at least in the deformations I would like to be able to mirror or deform according to precise degrees or numbers.

I would like the ruler not to completely block the program and to be more practical to use by adding one or more placeholder marks.

maybe some of my considerations are already there and I don’t know how to use them?
many thanks for all.

First Convert to Path - under the Edit dropdown

Put your object in Edit Node mode, keep you eyes on where the nodes are, select the Measure tool from the left toolbar and hover over the portion that you were just looking at to see the needed information. The measure dialog will change infor based on which line or curve you are hovering over.

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thanks for your answer,
when I select the ruler tool I am no longer in the node edit.

let’s assume that in a complex polygon he has a line of 5mm and wants to bring it to a precise 3mm. do i use the grill? do i use the ruler randomly pointing to the future node and checking if it has been moved to the right spot? enter exit edit node to ruler to verify?
if the distance I’m looking for contains many vectors, do I use the calculator to add them together and get the measurement between 2 distant nodes?
I have often had to measure a section of the perimeter by adding together the measurements of all the pieces, but why do I have to do this? it would be enough to select the starting node and the arrival node and read the measurement between the 2.

it would be enough for me to know in the node edit what is the distance between contiguous nodes or between nodes selected by hand and I would no longer have to go in and out to use the ruler.

the ruler imposes its window on the rest of the program, I can’t use the ruler and move a node at the same time.
if I could at least put a marker I would know that by measuring I have identified a precise point for my modification instead of doing it by eye only for approximation.

Lightburn software is designed to look for a USB video class camera. I’ve had a camera connected for about 2 years and it has worked flawlessly. i would guess there is something about your camera or connection that is causing it to disconnect.

Not certain how many times in the complex polygon you would need to do this but for a few, here’s how I’d do it:

Draw a circle with a radius of 3mm with its origin at the starting point of the line that’s 5mm. You may have to convert the circle to path.
In the node edit mode, break the polygon at the ending point of that line.
Use the trim function to trim the 5mm line back to the circle.
Delete the circle and rejoin the lines at the new end of the 3mm line.

No ruler involved.

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