Improper burning issues

I am a new at this stuff, about 15 days new. I have ran a lot of stuff through Imag-r,(about 50 Photos) and had really good luck with it. Today I ran a photo through Imag-r and the only thing it will print is blowing a bunch of holes traveling from right to left and then jumps up about an 1/8th inch and does the same thing going back from left to right. Now no matter what I try to burn, Imag-R or not, every thing comes out the same way. Just a bunch of burnt spots every 1/64th in. apart and all lines are 1/8th”
above each other. What did I do to mess this thing up? Please Help.
Up date: I figured out my problem with the burning holes, my bad. Now for the good part, My brand new
Ortur master 2 - 15 watt, flat out broke after about 20 hours of working time. The backing plate holding the laser and stepper motor had a crack across one of the lower bolt hole tabs,(as I call it). The tab broke off and that let the laser head flip flop back and forth and jump up and down as well. As i say — S88t happens, time to contact Ortur.