Improper Cutting With New Replacement

I just replaced the controller with a Ruida RDC6442G. When I tell the laser to cut a square, it cuts and L shape instead. All cuts are made in the negative directions of the axes. How do solve this problem?

You say you replaced the controller - have you done all the required setup for step length, homing directions, accelerations, speeds, etc?

If not, you have some work ahead of you:

Yes, I have spent much time setting up the new Ruida controller. What is happening now is that when I program a square in Lightburn and run it on the laser it leaves an open corner. I have tried to adjust the step length in both the X and the Y in an effort to get the space to close up. I can get it to get closer to completely closing however I can’t get the square to completely close up. I am thinking that my ratio of X and Y is incorrect. Perhaps I need to use more then 4 digits for the X and Y step lengths. When I program text and run it on the laser jumbles the bottom half of the letters.

Thank You for any advice.
Richard Grace

Can you show a picture? “jumbles the bottom half of the letters” isn’t specific enough to diagnose a problem.

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